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    Welcome To The Blue Country Roleplay!


    We are a FiveM community that has been up since December, 2018. We are working daily on server improvements and we reached the point that we are far enough to open it more to the public and looking more for members to help us out with policing, dispatching, and fire fighting. We are not the community that will give you a 20 page handbook, 10000 rules for you to agree on and screaming at members. We treat everyone with respect.


    Looking to join Blue Country Roleplay?

    We are looking for active members to join our community! We are still looking for staff members and modders to make assets for BCRP. 
    Apply here!

  • What are we looking for?

    - Active and Experienced members!
    - Members that are committed to BCRP!
    - Members that like to patrol for hours! Our patrols usually last 3-6 hours!
    - Members that can help BCRP with recruiting, designs or making assets.
    - Members that can help others, lead and give advice in the correct way!

  • What do we offer?

    Main Server
    - Custom CAD/MDT
    - Trained Staff
    - Custom LEO Vehicles
    - Custom Fire Vehicles
    - Custom Peds
    - Chain Of Command
    - Client Based
    - Dev’s
    - Open Departments
    - Realistic Roleplay