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    Welcome to Blue Country Roleplay!

    Blue Country Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplaying community that was founded on December 26th, 2018. At Blue Country Roleplay, we are built of a community of people who are all looking for the same thing which is for professional and realistic roleplay. Over the past years, our Board of Directors, Community Management Team, Development Team, and Members have been building up Blue County Roleplay to have the best resources available and enforce professional roleplay.


    Want to join us? What do we offer?

    Departments & Subdivisions
    We currently offer 6 departments, each of the departments’ application varies. We offer 3 Law Enforcement Departments, a Fire Department, a Communications Department, and a Civilian Department. Alongside these departments, we also have subdivisions that are built within the department that allows members to try different things and specialize in something special! Each department has its subdivisions listed on their department’s page, we also offer a statewide Wildlife Ranger’s subdivision, where any member of any Law Enforcement Department has the option to join said subdivision which enforces hunting.

    Radio Communications & CAD/MDT
    While some communities may use Discord for radio communication, Blue Country Roleplay utilizes Teamspeak 3 for radio communications. We also currently utilize a custom made CAD/MDT system with FiveM integration.

    We offer the following in-game on our main server:
    - Custom EUP
    - V-Menu (with the option of Simple Trainer)
    - Custom emergency vehicles (LEO + Fire)
    - Custom Toolbox
    - A wide variety of choice in vehicles.
    - … and much more!


    Our Requirements

    We are currently requiring all applicants to meet the following requirements:
    - Be legally the age of 16
    - Have FiveM experience.
    - Don't show bad behavior. We want to enjoy the game and relax.
    - Don't lie about your status and experience. We appreciate it if you speak the truth with us.
    - Own the Original copy of GTA V.
    - A working audible microphone
    - Teamspeak 3 and Discord
    - Willing to follow our guidelines and procedures put in place


    Thank you for taking the time to check out Blue Country Roleplay! You can apply today by signing up to our website and submitting an application to our Human Resources Department to review!


    Blue Country Roleplay


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