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    Welcome To The Blue Country Roleplay!

    Who are we?

    Blue Country Roleplay is a FiveM community opened December, 2018. We are a group of people that role-play realistic and professional. We are a open and flexible community that everyone can join! We offer numerous amount of departments, subdivisions and other cool features.
    This community is not just a normal community, it is a family that everyone can join!
    We are flexible, loving and we all want to enjoy one thing. The game.
    We have spent countless of hours creating a standard life on Blue Country Roleplay and making sure everyone enjoys the role-play.
    We always strive for professionalism, realism and being original

    Looking to join Blue Country Roleplay?

    We are looking for active members to join our community!
    Apply here!

    Thank you

    We want to thank you, our staff, fans and members of Blue Country Roleplay for taking the time and dedication to Blue Country Roleplay
    The place we call home.

  • What are we looking for?

    - Active and Experienced members!
    - Members that are committed to BCRP!
    - Members that like to patrol for hours! Our patrols usually last 3-6 hours!
    - Members that can help BCRP with recruiting, designs or making assets.
    - Members that can help others, lead and give advice in the correct way!

  • What do we offer?

    Main Server
    - Custom CAD/MDT
    - Trained Staff
    - Custom LEO Vehicles
    - Custom Fire Vehicles
    - Custom Peds
    - Chain Of Command
    - Client Based
    - Dev’s
    - Open Departments
    - Realistic Roleplay


Important Information

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