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Welcome to Blue Country Roleplay!
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  • Welcome to Blue Country Roleplay!

    About us
    Blue Country Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplaying community that has opened July 1st, 2020. We are a group of people that like to play professional, quality roleplay. We love to have great roleplay that is well thought out. We rely on non priority roleplay, this means the majority of the roleplay in our patrol servers does not involve into gun fights but into cool, realistic and fair roleplay. If you are looking for constant 24/7 action then this is not the place.
    Our community is focused on having fun for everyone. Every member has a voice in this community.

    Are you looking to join us?
    Blue Country Roleplay offers a wide variety of roleplay. We currently have one LEO department, one communications department and one civilian department. If you wish to check out these departments you can go under the ''departments'' tabs in the menu and check out all our active departments! We have a custom made CAD/MDT system, custom EUP uniforms, advanced scripts and tools for LEO's as well as Civilians! We rely on your feedback, so all your suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. In addition, we have a very friendly and respectful staff team, we are laid back and flexible. We will not rush you to do something you do not wish to do so. We also offer a wide variety of choice in vehicles!

    Creating content?
    Blue Country Roleplay is free to be streamed/recorded at all times. BCRP content creators will also be promoted within the BCRP community.

    Our age limit
    Blue Country Roleplay maintains a age limit to maintain a mature and professional environment. Everyone age sixteen and up are allowed to apply for Blue Country Roleplay. There is no exceptions to this age limit.


    Thank you for taking the time to check out Blue Country Roleplay! You can apply today by signing up to our website and submitting an application to our Human Resources Department to review!

    Blue Country Roleplay
    Board of Directors & Management

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