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    Courtesy, Service and Protection


    The mission of the Blue Country State Patrol is to provide the highest level of courtesy, service, and protection to the people of Blue Country.

    Commissioner - Cody Taplin
    Deputy Commissioner - Igor Sidorovitch
    Assistant Commissioner - Justin Ritter
    Chief - Vacant




  • Subdivisions within Blue Country State Patrol

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    Air And Coastal Division

    Lead by: J.Ritter

    Air Support Unit

    The Air Support unit's purpose is to give overhead support from the air. The Air Support Unit is good for many things: Tracking vehicles/persons when it dangerous for ground units to get close, can be called out for a lost persons, and can go many places ground units can't reach.

    Coastal Support Unit

    The Coastal Support unit’s purpose is to go on water where most units can’t go. Coastal units give an extra set of eyes on the water where no other LEO can really see or go. The Coastal unit can all water and chase suspect as far as the need to go or help with overboard people.




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    Major Investigations Division

    Lead by: C. Taplin

    The Major Investigation Division is built on detail. We strive to never miss a clue and to cover every open end. The goal of the Unit is the protection of life and property, containment of crime, preservation of the peace, and investigation of criminal activities ultimately leading  to the righteous and just prosecution of offenders.


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