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LEO Training


Yesin Torres

Event details

Any LEO recruit / LEO Reserve needing training please RSVP as soon as you can.

This will be hosted by: Shaun Penrod and Yesin Torres
Assisted by: Yesin Torres
FTO/FTA? Please comment below if you are attending.

Before you attend,
Please make sure to read the LEO SOP before attending and make sure to understand our procedures.
Please make sure to have signed up for the CAD/MDT. 
Here are our 10 codes and penal codes.
Make sure to bookmark the penal codes and CAD/MDT.

Please arrive 10 minutes early in Training Waiting Room in the TS server.

During this training you will be tested and speed runned through our basics of being an LEO. An LEO training will not train you for every situation. But this training should help you going up as an LEO and gain experience by the more you roleplay.

After the training you will hear if you have passed or failed. You will receive feedback on what should need improving.


Kind regards,
Director and Head of Human Resources
Yesin Torres


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hey yesin i may be at a friends house that day but can you let me know when you guys are starting but i may be 5 mins late 


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