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  5. Please provide your roleplay name. Max Donsen What is your discord username and #? The Face#3488 What is your current age? 16 What is your date of birth? 04/06/2004 What country do you currently reside in? Belgium Why do you want to be a part of Blue Country Roleplay? The reason I want to be apart of Blue Country Roleplay is that I want to get more experienced into better roleplay to gain then I ever had. I've seen a lot of videos on this server, and It looks tough, but I want to give it my best shot to do a great job in such a good and experienced community. I've thought of this for a long time whenever I turned 16 to apply for DOJ, but that shit is way to hard, so I want to give this a try and see how far I go. Why should we choose you over other potential candidates? I'm respectful, have lots of Law Enforcement Experience and Staff Experience about 2,000+ Hours Law Enforcement Experience, So I know what I'm doing. I do what I'm told to do. What department do you wish to join? Blaine County Sheriff's Office Why do you wish to join the department you chose? The reason I'm applying for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office is by the purpose of Protecting and Serving the County from all the people that break crime or needed of Law Enforcement assistants. There are as well a couple of other reasons, such as I love protecting small towns/counties instead of a big city overall for the following reason: Lag and a higher chance of texture loss. I like it as well more to protect small towns/counties from criminals or help people because you will get them to know better than in a bigger city. And I as well wanna get more experienced in the Law Enforcement field to get better doing my job. In your own words, what are the general duties of the department you chose? I think the general duties of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office is to protect and serve the ground of the county (people, animals, and even criminals) because no matter what criminals do they will still be a human in need of help or anything else. Of course, goes you're fellow partner's lives first and then civilians. But if a criminal got shot, attacked they will still need help. As well, of course, this counts as well if you're off duty if you see something happening that's not allowed you should step in and call for backup via 911, because if the public this sees they will get a bigger understanding what Law Enforcement is really like and they will get a bigger bond with the Law Enforcement side. What skills do you have that would be beneficial to the department you chose? Lots of Experience as LEO and Staff in a server called County Life Roleplay had more than 1,000+ Members, Good drivers, Respectful, Love to help/train people to become a better Law Enforcement Officer. Have you ever been in any GTA V/FiveM PC Communities previously? If so, which one(s)? Yes, County Life Roleplay. Are you currently in any GTA V/FiveM PC Communites? If so, which one(s)? N/A Are you a previous member of BCRP? if so, please state your most recent name and unit number, and your approximate date of resignation/removal from the community. No. Do you have any in real life experiences in policing, EMS, Fire Department or Dispatching? No. Do you own a working, high-quality microphone? YES Are you willing to install the required programs such as Teamspeak 3 and Discord? YES Do you agree, by joining this community, to follow all procedures that will come by your selected Department? YES Have you read our community guidelines? if so, do you agree to them and follow them to the best of your ability? YES Have you read over your application and ensured that all of the information on this application is fully accurate and correct, and that you are ready to submit this application for review? YES
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  7. Happy to be Apart of BCRP!

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