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Staff Directory

Community Directors

Yesin Torres

Y. Torres

Director & Chief of Police

Max Morgan

M. Morgan

Deputy Director

Patrick Burris

P. Burris

Community Manager & Lieutenant

Igor Sidorovitch

I. Sidorovitch

Coordinator & Captain

Bayport Police Department

John Scott

J. Scott

Police Commander

Jeremy Hardy

J. Hardy

Master Sergeant

Mark Henderson

M. Henderson


Blue Country State Patrol

John Mike

J. Mike

State Chief

Isaiah Maxime

I. Maxime

Assistant Commissioner

Cody Taplin

C. Taplin

Deputy Commissioner

Zac Castelli

Z. Castelli

Staff Sergeant

Mickey Fisher

M. Fisher

Staff Sergeant

Alex Willams

A. Williams

Staff Sergeant

Avalon Rantinkon

A. Rantinkon


Justin Ritter

J. Ritter


Riverside County Sheriffs Department

Anthony King

A. King


Travis Cross

T. Cross

Sheriff Commander

Mike Hobbs

M. Hobbs

Staff Sergeant

Jason Kovalev

J. Kovalev


Paleto Bay Police Department

James Finnie

J. Finnie

Chief of Police

Drake Johnson

D. Johnson

Assistant Chief of Police

Blue Country Fire Department

Andrew Smith

A. Smith

Fire Chief

Blue Country Communications Department

Blake Jones

B. Jones

Communications Director

Blue Country Civilian Operations

Taylor Thigpen


Civilian Director

James Gunderson

J. Gunderson

Civilian Advisor