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  • Mission Statement
    The Los Santos Police Department vows to provide a professional service towards the safety of the citizens of Los Santos and the wider San Andreas. We aim to accomplish this through proactive policing. Our department mission is to provide the highest quality level of law enforcement and public safety throughout Los Santos
    Our vision is to lead and partner law enforcement with public safety, with a highly trained police force that is mobile, flexible and proactive to emerging public safety needs across Los Santos.

    Department Values
    Officers should remember that when on or off-duty, thy are a direct reflection upon the Los Santos Police Department. Officers shall always act so as to not bring discredit upon themselves or the Los Santos Police Department. Officers will be orderly, attentive, profession, and will exercise patience and discretion. Any and all members of the Los Santos Police Department and Blue Country Roleplay are required to show all fellow members respect and concern of each other's well being.

  • Senora Valley Police Department

    Senora Valley Police Department are tasked with working among the Blaine County Sheriff's Office to bring protection and order to the citizens of Blaine County. As a sub-branch of the Los Santos Police Department they operate by providing the highest quality law enforcement and public safety services throughout Blaine County. As the Senora Valley Police Department is in an aid agreement with the Blaine County Sheriff's Offices, they have access to patrol across the whole of Blaine County excluding Paleto Bay and help where necessary.

  • LSPD Members

  • LSPD_logo_3_based_of_El_Centro_Police.png

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  • LSPD Administration
    Chief of Police - H. Sandford
    Assistant Chief of Police - Vacant
    Police Major - Vacant
    Police Commander - Vacant

    LSPD Senior Staff

    SAHP Staff
    Master Sergeant
    Staff Sergeant

    LSPD Staff in Training
    Senior Corporal

    LSPD Officers
    Senior Lead Officer
    Senior Police Officer


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