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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the San Andreas Department of Law Enforcement is to work cooperatively with all levels of government to provide a safe environment for residents and visitors to our state. The Department of Law Enforcement will support the efforts of all public safety agencies to reduce crime, apprehend those who commit them, and respond to natural and manmade disasters. In all of our endeavors, DLE personnel will remain committed to following our core beliefs of trust, fortitude, compassion and professionalism.

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  • SADLE Administration
    Director - Riley Spears
    Deputy Director - Kaiden Bruce
    Patrol Chief - Cameron Hendry
    T&ER Chief - Vacant
    Assistant Chief - Robert Patterson
    Assistant Chief - Santi Valdes
    Commander - Vacant
    Commander - Vacant
    Commander - Vacant

    SADLE Senior Staff

    SADLE Staff
    Staff Sergeant

    SADLE Staff in Training
    Senior Corporal

    SADLE Officers
    Peace Officer III
    Peace Officer II
    Peace Officer I
    Probationary Peace Officer

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