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  • Who are we?
    Welcome to the San Andreas Communications Department. The public safety dispatchers in the State of San Andreas are the first, first responders. They are the people who answer all calls made to 9-1-1 requesting for emergency assistance. These individuals are professional dispatchers for police, fire, and EMS to incidents that occur within the State of San Andreas, whether that is an emergency or non-emergency call. Public safety dispatchers act as the central hub of all emergency services.

  • Mission Statement
    The mission that the San Andreas Communications Department holds is to provide the highest level of professionalism and service to those calling into the 9-1-1 call center. Whether it's a emergency or non-emergency call they are ready to answer that call and provide you with aid with the emergency services in the State of San Andreas.

  • Dispatcher Operators
    When you dial 9-1-1 a public safety dispatcher answers the call and evaluates your call to determine what emergency service resources are required and at what urgency. They enter all call information into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system prior to the deployment of first responders. Once the dispatcher receives the appropriate information needed to dispatch first responders they may ask you for a callback number just in case more information is needed, the dispatch may hang up the call then dispatch proper first responders to your location to assist you.



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  • Administration
    Communications Director - Drake Johnson
    Communications Deputy Director - Vacant
    Communications Assistant Director - Vacant
    Operations Commander - Blake Jones

    Senior Staff
    Operations Manager
    Operations Supervisor

    Operations Assistant

    Staff in Training
    Lead Operator II
    Lead Operator I

    Senior Operator II
    Senior Operator I
    Operator V
    Operator IV
    Operator III
    Operator II
    Operator I
    Probationary Operator

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