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  • Mission Statement
    Working to provide a safe, secure environment for the public through courteous, quality and professional services.

    Our Story
    As the premiere law enforcement agency in the state of San Andreas, we provide safety and security to all citizens and visitors on our state's highways, interstates, turnpikes and waterways through enforcement and education of applicable laws. The San Andreas Highway Patrol is responsible for statewide law enforcement, vehicle regulation, homeland security and for providing protection/security to the sitting Governor, Lt. Governor and their families. 

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  • SASP Administration
    Interim Commissioner - Stephen RamRod
    Deputy Commissioner - Niko Bennett
    Assistant Commissioner - Vacant
    Chief - Vacant
    Assistant Chief - Vacant

    SASP Senior Staff

    SASP Staff
    Master Sergeant
    Staff Sergeant

    SASP Staff in Training
    Senior Corporal

    SASP Troopers
    Master Trooper
    Trooper First Class
    Probationary Trooper


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